Emin Grbo, Apr 22 2020


It is time. No more revisions, ideas and variants. This, is my website.

I am not sure when I decided I wanted to create my own website. Possibly the very second I stared doing design back in 2006/2007. From then, I bought around 4-5 hosting packs and reserved several domen names. It changed from emingrbo.com, to sivisajt.com (wordplay in Serbian with CV), eg.com....and few others.

Honestly I cannot remember all of them 😅

One thing I DO remember is that not one of them was really launched. Sure, I posted some "coming soon" pages and did designs for all of them. But their form changed dramatically over the years. One was was focused on me, me and ME, because EGO issues, one was just trying to get some attention, one had dark patterns all over it. (I know right? 🤮)

What they all had in common is that none them was really mine. Extension of my thoughts or something I would like to come across as an end-user. A site, which I do not maintain because it's good for me, or because it would help my business, but because I fucking LIKE it!

So, idea behind this website is...that there is none. I will write about what interests me at the time, and I will use the style which I think fits. Also I plan to use it myself as a snippet library of sorts, or just as a sidekick I can call upon when I hit some snags in my daily coding bugs 🐛.

I do plan to write about some Swift News related stuff or an interesting app I saw on the AppStore. Bu mostly (at least right now) I have a feeling that this will be highly developer oriented so...there's that! SwiftFTW!🤘

If so happens that this style really works for you, and that it helps YOU in your daily struggles, EVEN BETTER!🤘 I just recently discovered how rewarding it is to realise you helped another person overcome a problem, and man....it is addictive!!💊💊

So my idea is to "Help myself, to help you"...hope that makes sense? 👾 Here's an explanation for all you dev types. ⬇️

let helpMyself: HelpYou?

Anyways, thats it from me. I really do hope you will find something useful here.

If you do DO(cheap gag), let me know! And I don't mean like "follow me here or subscribe there" kinda 💩 , but really just let me know...it means a lot!

The fact that you are even reading this is awesome sauce. 🧃

Thank you for your time, you exquisite person!

Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, Cheers! 🍻

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